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Guinea Dun Set – Highland

Guinea Dun Set – Highland

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When it comes to projection and rich tonal range, you simply can’t go past the densest of all the West African hardwoods – Khadi tiger grain timber.
Such a superb set these … we’ve sanded them down to bring out the grain patterns and added thick cow to bring out the warm bass notes.
The Kenkenni is cranked nice and high and the bass on the dununba is so pure!

Country: Guinea  //  Wood: Khadi // Skin: Thick Aussie Cow
Dununba ….. Diameter: 16″  //  Height: 66cm  //  Weight: 19kg
Sangban …… Diameter: 13″  //  Height: 59cm  //  Weight: 11kg
Kenkeni …… Diameter: 10.5″  //  Height: 55cm  //  Weight: 9kg

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